Client Feedback

Since our launch in 2006 ChangEnable has gained a reputation for being customer focused and providing excellent value for money.

Here is just a flavour of what some of our clients have said:

“I have read through the final copy of my CV and it is excellent. Thank you; you have done a brilliant job”.

“I write to let you know that I have had offers from two multi-national companies. I have accepted one of the roles which is exactly what I was looking for. The offers are a result of the support you have given me in improving my CV / interview techniques. You gave me the tools to succeed in a tough employment market. Many thanks”.

“Student feedback has been fantastic and they really appreciated you putting them through their paces at interview.”

“I really do owe you a big thank you for the help you gave me. Somehow you managed to transform my interview performance in the space of one workshop! I definitely felt different going in to interviews – I think that it helped a lot knowing where my weaknesses were and how I could work on them. My career has progressed rather well as I was offered two jobs!”

“Thanks to ChangEnable for coming along and supporting last night’s event. Our students have fed back that it was great to meet with professionals and they really appreciated your honesty when giving them feedback on their interview techniques.”

“The inputs you provided for updating and amending my CV were invaluable. Your tips made me stand out from the crowd (as commented by recruitment agents and companies). The interview techniques you taught me really helped me and enabled me get the job I was looking for. I will definitely recommend your services to my colleagues and friends who are looking for the next step in their careers.”

“I got the job and start next Monday. I just wanted to drop a note to you to say Thank You for all your help and advice. Very much appreciated!”

“I found our session really helpful, particularly in helping provide perspective, which is very difficult to do on your own.”

“It was a great help to have an independent and experienced mind to help me sharpen my focus and presentation.”

“I write to thank you for the great experience I got from your workshop. I had an interview for a job as a pilot and was successful in getting the job. I really enjoyed the workshop and learnt a lot. One very useful interview tip was the use of examples in my answers as it showed I knew my subject and was keenly interested. I am extremely grateful for your help and would highly recommend your workshop”

“I would like to thank you for the advice that you have provided in respect of how I should proceed with regards to my career in light of potential redundancy; in particular your advice on CV presentation and content, progressing a career with my current employer, approach to external career opportunities and identifying best and worst sources for job opportunities”

“Your mentoring has proved invaluable”

“A colleague told me that you made their CV look fantastic. Thanks for doing the same for me”

“Patrick was great and the pupils really enjoyed his presentation. He got everyone involved and I feel the hand and body language in the future will be noticed”

“Thank you for all the help you gave me in preparing for my interview for the cabin crew job. Your workshop was extremely helpful and gave me the confidence I needed. The part of the workshop I found most helpful was the mock interviews, doing these made me relax more in the actual interview and showed my personality which is a key characteristic for this job. I am very pleased to tell you that I got the job. I really feel I could not have done this well without your help”

“Thank you so much for all your help at such a reasonable price. The VP, who interviewed me, commented that there are few people my age with such focus, which was entirely down to our conversations. You managed to turn the fact that I couldn’t get into consultancy after university, so took a job with XYZ, into a focused choice to gain experience within a Finance function before moving into consultancy. Without this I very much doubt I would have got the job”

”The mock interviews we went through really did help prepare me, my actual interviews weren’t as tough as you made them but this made it much easier to perform well, this was the difference between feeling that I was prepared and actually being prepared”