Presentation Skills

Sell yourself more effectively with ChangEnable’s presentation skills and public speaking training and coaching.

Possessing presentation skills and being confident in public speaking will increase your career opportunities and your self confidence.

Delivering professional presentations to clients and business associates is becoming an essential part of today’s business world.

Are you equipped with the tools to sell yourself as best you can?

At ChangEnable together YOU can

Let us Enable you to:

  • Structure and prepare your presentation
  • Deliver effective presentations with confidence
  • Present professionally and with style and impact
  • Look, sound and feel confident

You will discover that increased confidence and skill will mean that you may actually enjoy speaking opportunities.

It’s not what you say but how you say it!

Individual Coaching

Our individual coaching services ensures that any specific issues you may have are addressed and overcome.

We offer one to one training sessions which can be very helpful for both general presentation skills training, for example to meet a personal development need and also be used to prepare for a specific speech or presentation that is coming up, such as an interview or even a wedding speech.

  • ChangEnable’s training and coaching are dedicated to helping you to:
  • Increase confidence in your own ability to present
  • Make an impact
  • Develop self-confidence
  • Structure, prepare and deliver effective presentations and thereby
  • Enable you to sell yourself more effectively.

We are completely flexible in meeting your requirements – all our training, workshops or individual coaching are tailored to meet your specific needs. Furthermore we can provide all our services in the evenings or at weekends.

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